Where are our facilities


   The vineyards are located in the province of Huelva, in Rociana del Condado,from where the grapes are transported to our winery in Alcala de Guadaira (Seville-Spain)

What types of wines do we elaborate?

   Currently we elaborate two types,Red and White.The Red one of the variety Syrah and the white of    the variety Colombard, both single varietal, that is to say whithout mixing with any other variety.The name of our wines is VILLAREJO

What is our DO or I.G.P


   We are not included in any Denomination of Origin or Protected Geographical Indication.


How is our production regulated?


   The authorities of the Government of Andalucia regulates our production, as well as independient laboratories approved by it.


Can you visit our facilities?


   Our facilities can be visited, although ther are requeriments on number of people, which must be minimum of 50.Everything else is treated with each especific group.



What services are provided during visits?


   The visit consist of:

  1. Reception whit wines from the winery.
  2. Brief talk about the process of winemaking in the hall of celebrations.
  3. Pass in to the cellars where the machinery that compose the cellar can be seen, with tasting of the wines from the tanks.
  4. lunch



How to get our wines


   May be acquired by different ways

  1. through contact by the email bernardo@puertamarisma.com
  2. through telephone number +34 600302011
  3. through the online store
  4. during the visits